Drawing Process – Khaleesi

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Creators Art… Joel KellyName: Joel Kelly

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Tools Used: Photosho, Wacom

Website: joelbear49.deviantart.com/

This tutorial is a in depth step by step process of the digital painting; Khaleesi – Mother of Dragons by Joel Kelly 

Sketch – Outline

  1. Firstly I started by doing a quick sketch, getting the overall shape and usually cleaning the lines as I go.
  2. Once I’m happy with the outline I move on to creating a refined sketch, marking the different area of shading and shapes.
  3. Next is the first outline draft, this is used to mainly get face shapes down.
  4. Now I’m happy with the overall feel I move on to the final outline. I generally zoom in a lot to get the fluid lines, aiming to do each line in one single stroke rather than a sketching motion. For this piece I kept the detail of the outline rather minimal so any inner details would be done during the colouring process.
  5. Finally I just added a thicker outer line around the whole image to give it some weight and boldness.

Drawing Process - Khaleesi - 1


Colour – Face

  1. Now that we’re happy with the outline it’s time to move on to adding the colour. I start by just adding a base colour to the face, following the general structure of the guidelines in the initial sketches.  
  2. Once there is some shape I added some tones using purples and pinks, for this step I was testing out a different variation of colours in this piece.
  3. I then moved on to adding some blending and darker tone, this allows me to shape to the face as I go.
  4. Drawing Process - Khaleesi - 2Next I continued adding shape to the face until I was happy with the overall flow.
  5. I maintained the same process for the mouth and eyes, working the shape and tone.
  6. Now that all the key facial featured had been implemented and was am happy with the overall look, I decided to blend everything together and used a smooth brush to iron out the kinks and help the skin tones blend more realistically.

Drawing Process - Khaleesi - 3


Colour – Hair

  1. Moving on to the hair I just jumped straight in. Painting hair isn’t my favourite thing to do but it had to be done. I decided to add in the tone in shapes to get the overall look and feel.
  2. Next I started to render some of the more detailed areas.
  3. And finally I added the final touches which included texture and a few highlights.

Drawing Process - Khaleesi - 4


Colour – Body

  1. Once I was finished with the head I moved on to the body. I started off with royal tone work, identifying the shape of her body in the process.
  2. Next I started to add realistic skin tone and shading, while adding detail and texture as I went along.
  3. Finally I blended the layer by using a ‘Smooth Brush’ tool to make it look more refined and stylised.

Drawing Process - Khaleesi - 5


Colour – Clothes

  1. The next thing to do was the clothing. I used a textured brush to colour the base tone in.
  2. Next I added some shadows below the hair and began shading on the necklace.
  3. Finally I rendered the necklace by adding tone for the metal and highlights.

Drawing Process - Khaleesi - 6


Finishing Touches

  1. Once all the sections of the painting were completed I added some finalising highlights to the whole image.
  2. I finished the piece off by adding a ‘Grain’ filter over the image to add final texture; I then blended and finished the image with a simple colour background to her pop from the page.

Drawing Process - Khaleesi - 7


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