Jamie Greenwood – Abe’s Oddysee

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Jamie Greenwood Profile Picture

Name: Jamie Greenwood

Location: Manchester, UK

Profession: Graphic Designer

Website: www.jamiejonesgreenwood.co.uk

Jamie Greenwood - Abe’s Oddysee

My image captures the world of Abe’s Oddysee, a cult hit game during the 1990’s. The purpose of Abe’s quest was to free his fellow Mudokon slaves, who are destined to be slaughtered at Rupture Farms. Using telepathy, Abe creates a portal that allows his people to escape to freedom.

As a youngster, this game had a profound impact on me. Not only because of the imaginative and exciting designs of the alien worlds, but also the charismatic Abe, who has an objective to free his race from extinction. By capturing Abe in this style, I wanted to highlight his heroic acts within the game by presenting him in a divine manner.


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