Gregory Welter – Sonic, Knuckles & Gadget

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gregory-welter-profileName: Gregory Welter

Location: Moscow, Russia

Profession: Professional Artist / Illustrator


Social: Instagram








I’ve made 2 artworks based on Sonic the Hedgehog game series and portrayed two characters – Sonic and Knuckles. When I was a child I’d like to play this game on SEGA platform. For the third artwork I’ve chosen Gadget from Chip and Dale. It’s one of my favourite characters as the game about Rescue Rangers.

I draw in Paint Tool Sai and make some edition in Photoshop. I use Wacon Cintiq tablet ans custom brushes.

I work as artist and illustrator and always ready to get commissions because I like to draw new characters and scenes and also get new experience. That’s why my commissions are always very cheap. If you are interested please visit my Deviantart page to get more information and check my other artworks.




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