Exalted… Kelsey Zigmund – Adventure Thrones

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Exalted... Kelsey Zigmund

Name: Kelsey Zigmund

Location: Chicago, IL USA

Profession: Illustrator

Website: www.kelseyzigmund.com

Exalted... Kelsey Zigmund - Adventure Thrones

What made you decide to choose combine Adventure Time with Game of Thrones?

Since Game of Thrones is full of so much violence, gore, and evil, which is one of the reasons it is so compelling. I thought it would be a fun contrast to portray some of the characters in a style that is silly, goofy, and whimsical. The creators of Adventure Time do a great job bringing new life and invention to the fantasy/Hero’s Journey genre and I really admire their character work. I thought it would be fun to combine these two worlds and to see if the GOT characters were still recognizable.


What is the story behind your series of drawings?

This series is a mash-up of about a dozen different Game of Thrones characters in different landscapes. I drew GOT characters in the style of Adventure Time as a fun drawing challenge for myself, and to share with other fans of both shows.

There are so many terrific characters I have yet to get to, so I’d love to add more to the series. I’d really like to include Cersei, Sansa, and Ygritte in the next one.


Who would you say is your favourite character?

My favorite GOT character is The Hound. My favorite character to draw in this style was Brienne.


What techniques did you use to create your artwork?

I practiced drawing a few of the real Adventure Time characters and then when I felt I sort of had the style down, I looked at photos of the GOT cast and went from there. Oddly, I didn’t try to many different variations of the characters. The Adventure Time character designs are pretty minimal in detail, so I figured out one or two defining physical trait of each person and made sure it would be strong enough to portray their unique identity.


What tools did you use? (software & hardware)

I drew all the characters in ink and then colored them digitally in Photoshop.


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