Co-Creator Of Pineapple’d… Nick Edge

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Co-Creator Of Pineapple'd... Nick Edge

Name: Nick Edge

Location: Wolverhampton, UK


Profession: Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Social Media: Deviant Art:


I’m a Visual Artist and Graphics Designer From the ‘great’ city of Wolverhampton. I graduated alongside the co-creators from the University of Huddersfield with BA(hons) in Virtual Reality with Animation.

I’m currently working as the in-house Graphics Designer at ERA Home Security, this is a group of companies under one name focusing on the designing and selling door, window and other home security products. I produce the majority of artwork, advertising material and anything brand related for the group companies and many clients.

When it comes to personal art in my spare time, I like to create characters which are usually influenced by either random everyday things or something I’ve watched or played. My style varies quite a lot, as the majority of characters I create are from imagination. But, if I had to be put into a category, I’d hope it would be classed as stylised, semi realistic…cartoony?.. OK that’s not a real category but like I said, it changes. (It makes sense when you see my artwork).

I’ve had many influences; each one has had a big influence on my style and concepting techniques. Tetsuya Nomura, Akihiko Yoshida, Yoji Shinkawa are three artist who have had a massive influence on my work, I like to think I’ve taken on all my favourite things from each artist style and adapted them in a hope of creating my own distinctive style.

Art has pretty much been the only direction of my life, every decision I’ve made has been another step towards my end goal of working as a digital artist. Along the road I have found many new interests and different ways of expressing my art, I’ll always be sketching and creating digital art, but also metal work and many other types of media.


Copyright Disclaimer. We do not claim ownership to the rights of any of the characters depicted in any artwork featured on our website or in our magazine. The artwork itself is created by artists and then featured by Pineappled, but we re-iterate that we do not own nor claim to own the rights to any characters portrayed by our featured artists.

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