Co-Creator Of Pineapple’d… Joel Kelly

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Co-Creator Of Pineapple'd... Joel Kelly

Name: Joel Kelly

Location: Wolverhampton, UK


Profession: Freelance Artist

Social Media: Instagram: osyrysart | Deviant Art: joelbear49


I’m a digital artist from the shires of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.  I graduated from Huddersfield University with a BA (hons) in Virtual Reality design with Animation alongside my fellow Co-Creators.

I’m currently a freelance artist working a few different projects while I look for a more permanent design job.  Other than working with Pineapple’d, I run and manage an art group alongside one of my close friends and colleague and I also do work experience at Void Creative, a small local print and design company. 

A quick summary of me is: During my personal time I enjoy drawing and creating my own original artwork, I’m also a gamer, I mainly play via PC and PS4. I’m very much into the gaming community and besides playing games; I enjoy the development and design process that goes into them.  When I’m not drawing or gaming I use my time to create music. I play the guitar and produce recordings for my own band; Feed ‘em to the Wolves, check them out on Soundcloud if you like Metalcore. 

Netflix is a favourite pass time for me, I enjoy watching films, TV series and documentaries. I’m quite well known to ignore the world while I binge watch a show for three days straight.

My whole life has been on a creative path, whether is been creating art, graphics or music.  It’s always a win when you can take something you enjoy doing and make a life and a career out of it.  Hopefully Pineapple’d will be a useful tool for all artists to get the exposure and credit they deserve.


Copyright Disclaimer. We do not claim ownership to the rights of any of the characters depicted in any artwork featured on our website or in our magazine. The artwork itself is created by artists and then featured by Pineappled, but we re-iterate that we do not own nor claim to own the rights to any characters portrayed by our featured artists.

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