Co-Creator Of Pineapple’d… Adam Holmes

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Co-Creator Of Pineapple'd... Adam Holmes

Name: Adam Holmes

Location: Manchester, UK


Profession: Digital Designer / Illustrator

Social Media: Twitter: @asmholmes | DeviantArt: adamholmes1989



I’m a visual artist & designer from Manchester, England. I graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2012 where I studied BA(hons) Virtual Reality with Animation, along side my fellow co-creators.

I am currently a Digital Designer at, an online retail company that specialise in unique and personalised gifts. Here I am part of the marketing team, creating and designing promotional emails and advertisements for customers. I have previously worked as a Graphic Artist for Euro Visual Media, producing graphics and artwork for many high profile clients.

In my spare time I work as a freelance artist creating realistic digital portraits of individuals, families and animals. Portraiture is something I have always been into; even when I was younger I would prefer to draw a realistic portrait of someone rather than in a concept or cartoony style. I really enjoy drawing detail and I would have to say that drawing eyes is probably my strongest skill. To make an eye look truly realistic you have to go into great detail, creating everything perfectly, right down to the individual eyelashes. 

I first got into drawing through my Grandad. He was a fantastic artist and he really helped me train and hone my skills when I was young. I took art as a specialist subject in school but due to my stupidity and disobedience I just about scrapped to come out with a C, far below what I should have achieved. Because of my lack of grades in school I couldn’t get onto the course I wanted to at college and had to do an GNVQ Intermediate year to make up the marks, for this I chose Art & Design. It was on this course I developed the style I use to draw today. I was introduced to an incredible artist called Chuck Close. I was mind blown by his portraits and the level of detail in each piece far surpassed what I thought was even possible at the time. One of our projects was to create a self-portrait using Chuck Close’s working methods, this involved using his ingenious grid system. My self-portrait turned out to be what I regard as one of, if not, my best drawing of all time. It was from then on that I decided to keep with this working method and still do to this day.

After finishing the art & design course I went on to BTEC Multimedia, it was here I first introduced to digital art. I discovered the possibilities of combining both traditional and digital art and the potentials excited me beyond all end.I didn’t start creating digital portraits until I went to university, mainly because before then I couldn’t afford a drawing tablet. Once I purchased one it took me a while to adapt but when I did I never really looked back. Drawing digitally allows you to experiment more, without directly affecting your drawing by just simply adding an extra layer. The ability to undo instead of using a rubber is just the best thing ever…drawing something and realising it’s slightly misaligned or something is slightly wrong and then having to rub out the whole thing and re-drawing it again used to be the bain of my life but now it’s ctrl + z or ctrl + alt + z…Simples!



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