Nick Edge – Rogue

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Nick Edge Profile PictureName: Nick Edge

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Tools Used: Photosho, Wacom



Nick Edge - Rogue


For this theme I decided to choose Rogue from the X-Men, I was always a big fan growing up and her overall look is just awesome. Originally I had no idea how I wanted this to look… just that I wanted to base her on the style used in the X-Men animated series. Overall I was a little disappointed with the outcome, with the lack of direction there was a lot of faffing around with the style and colouring just to try and make it look good. I actually prefer the initial sketch I did to the final piece! With all the negativity I should probably find something I enjoyed doing, which was the textures for her costume. If I had the chance to redo the piece, I’d change the style of it and focus less on the colouring and more on just clean yet effective line work.
Equipment used –
Cintiq 27″
Manga Studio


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