Joel Kelly – Zelda

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Creators Art… Joel KellyName: Joel Kelly

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Tools Used: Photosho, Wacom



Joel Kelly - Zelda


I’ve planned on doing a Legend of Zelda drawing for a while so when we set this issue’s theme it was the perfect opportunity to finally go ahead and do it.

The Legend of Zelda games have always pulled on the nostalgia heart strings! I played them throughout my childhood on most consoles, but it had to be Ocarina of Time that left its mark on me. It was ahead of its time, from the gameplay and story, to the atmosphere and music.

So, with the Zelda games in mind I chose to draw the eponymous character herself. I referenced Ocarina of Time and added my own flavour, as well as design pieces to the background to suit her character.

Recently I’ve been taking part in live art events where the focus is to draw on large scale boards using markers. Usually they’re done in black and white with lots of line work, so with this drawing I wanted to replicate that process but using a digital medium. My initial goal with this drawing was to focus on solid line art, but as I completed the frame work I decided it needed something extra. After experimenting with colours and different shading techniques, I eventually opted to narrow it down to grayscale to focus on lighting, adding a gradient overlay for some colour. To finish, I added the odd detail and edited it to make the image pop.


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