Nick Edge – Melisandre

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Nick Edge Profile PictureName: Nick Edge

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Tools Used: Photosho, Wacom




So, I went with Melisandre. This decision didn’t come easy – I went through about 4 different characters before deciding on the Red Witch. From starting this piece I had the same idea in mind, I wanted her shrouded in a cape with the silhouette of shadow Stannis standing intimidatingly behind her. The look and feel have come more from what I imagined while reading the books, I really wanted to portray a dark, mysterious yet powerful character.

I kept the colour palette very minimal, I thought since it’s a dark piece I could use just a few striking colours just to bring out certain things. The armour is designed for more aesthetically pleasing reasons than actual armour – She strikes fear into men with just a glance and I hoped to give her that presence in this piece.

I used Photoshop CC and Manga studio, with Wacom Intuos Pro.



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