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Joe Sharp Profile PictureName: Joe Sharpe

Location: Huddersfield, UK

Tools Used: Photoshop CS6


Joe Sharp - Brienne Of Tarth


What made you decide to choose Brienne Of Tarth?

I chose Brienne because she’s an amazing female character in my opinion. Her gender isn’t ignored and entirely lost within a pseudo masculine persona. And I really wanted to draw a female face that was really different from the typical, Disney-esque ones you might see.

Is she your favourite character?

There are lots to choose from, but she’s definitely up there with my favorites!

What techniques did you use?

I lined and cell shaded the figure, using overlays and masks to make the dramatic, hard cut lighting. A texture overlay was used in the background to give it more interest.

What tools did you use? (software & hardware)

I sketched and coloured the whole thing in Photoshop. That’s usually the case with my personal illustrations. Occasionally I’ll use Flash for cleaner lines or Art Rage for more textured ones but it always ends up in Photoshop for the final touches.





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