Inna Vjuzhanina – TOMB RAIDER 20th Anniversary

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inna-vjuzhanina-profileName: Inna Vjuzhanina

Location: Ukraine

Profession: Freelance Illustrator & Concept Artist


Social: Facebook | Twitter | DeviantArt


Inna Vjuzhanina - TOMB RAIDER 20th Anniversary


When I was contacted by the Tomb Raider community manager to be included in a book they’re releasing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise, I wanted to create something special for the occasion.

 Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of time with this piece so I had to make a quick decision. Being a huge fan of classic Tomb Raider, I wanted to create a piece that would communicate that feeling right away. That’s why I went for the iconic ‘jungle and ruins’ location with Lara Croft as the main focus.

To me, Lara has always being an example of a strong, fearless and determined woman so that’s what I was going for with her pose and facial expression. Her stance shows she’s ready to defend herself if needs be!

 Technique-wise I pretty much follow the same process for every serious piece I’m painting. First, I quickly do a bunch of black and white compositional roughs to figure out the shapes and communicate the main idea. Then I choose one and do some colour compositions. After that follows the search for/shooting of references, a clean sketch and then the actual painting process. You can check out some of my process shots for this piece on my blog:

…And read a more in-depth explanation of how I approach serious paintings at:


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