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Steve Bramhall Profile PictureName: Steve Bramhall

Location: Manchester, UK

Tools: Pencil, Fineliners, Nib Pens, Wacom Tablet, Photoshop & Illustrator



Steve Bramhall - Valar Morghulis


What made you decide to base your artwork on the Many Faced Gods?

I love the whole aura that surrounds this mysterious and magical notch in the show, it has a badass assassin element to it but one that seemingly can only be utilized with a karate zen master sort of outlook. The balance of that aspect really appeals to me.


Who would you say is your favourite character?

The Hound or Jaqen H’Ghar (Don’t make me pick)


What techniques did you use to create your artwork?

Well I tend to draw all my artwork by hand now, physically using an array of pens and tools that really appeals to me. In this instance I used pencils, lined in ink and fineliners, used a stippling effect to create shadows and highlights on areas of the image, freehanded the text on then scanned the image into Illustrator where I vectorized the image and played with the colour schemes.


What tools did you use? (software & hardware)

Software Adobe

Photoshop + Illustrator

Hardware Numerous: pencils, fineliners, biros, sharpies and nib pens, then when digital just a mouse and wacom tablet.



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