About Us

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Pineappled is a magazine and website created for artists by artists.

Consisting of three co-creators in Adam Holmes, Joel Kelly and Nick Edge, we are a group of young creatives who met at university and bonded over our love of art in all its forms.

We have come together in a bid to create a magazine from which we can show off our work, while giving like-minded artists the chance to showcase theirs.

After university, we all experienced difficulty in establishing our careers within the art world. Therefore, we know how hard it is for young artists to break into the industry. This is our way of getting our work out there, while doing the same for others.

All three of us will contribute to each edition, accompanied by our friends, competition winners and other internationally recognised talents that we have become familiar with over the years.

We aim to be the best magazine for young aspiring artists to gain exposure and will be providing tutorials, interviews and insights into each of the artists featured. The perfect way for an instant impact! Our aim is to raise artist profiles, helping them get noticed by companies and potential clients around the world.

Each edition will be themed, allowing us to experiment with different personal style ideas, while encouraging ambitious artists to submit their work and receive priceless exposure. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then please visit our ‘Get Featured’ page or check out our social media pages.

Stay up to date with all things Pineappled, including extra content and extended interviews, as well as podcasts, artist incites and competitions through our website or by following us Facebook and Twitter.


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