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Joel Kelly – Zelda

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Daniel Kamarudin – The Avengers

Name: Daniel Kamarudin Location: Malaysia Profession: Concpet Artist/Illustrator Website: Tumblr | Deviant Art   I have done a Medieval style re-design of all the characters from the Marvel film, The Avengers – Age Of Ultron. ...

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Zach Giering – Beimakkusu

Name: Zach Giering Location: Albuquerque, NM Profession: Animator Website: Social: Facebook     Big Hero 6 struck a chord with me because it’s a superhero story about healing. Baymax is...

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Mike Powis – Misty

Name: Mike Powis Location: Wolverhampton, UK Profession: Graphic Designer / Illustrator Website: Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   For my piece I decided to create an illustration inspired by a game that I spent...

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Joel Kelly – Zelda

Name: Joel Kelly Location: Wolverhampton, UK Tools Used: Photosho, Wacom Website:     I’ve planned on doing a Legend of Zelda drawing for a while so when we set this issue’s...